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Message from Wes McMullan: FHLBank Atlanta President & Chief Executive Officer
Affordable Housing Products

March 2012

Dear  Shareholders,

It  is my pleasure to introduce the first edition of Strategies for Growth, FHLBank Atlanta’s new quarterly online newsletter for shareholders. Along with delivering flexible funding products, our goal is  to serve as a reliable source of industry insights and expertise related to the  housing market, mortgage industry, and the broader financial services sector.

Strategies for Growth is designed to provide you with ideas, strategies, and  best practices that will help your organization make the most of its FHLBank  Atlanta membership. In each issue, we will share with you how other FHLBank Atlanta shareholders are using our advances, letters of credit, or community  investment products to build their businesses and manage their liquidity needs  and balance sheets.

We’ll  also give you a first look at new products and services FHLBank Atlanta will  introduce in 2012 and how these offerings can be of strategic value to your  institution. Finally, we’ll dive deeper into FHLBank Atlanta’s credit and  collateral policies to help you leverage new opportunities to expand your  borrowing capacity within our current policy structure.

We  are committed to serving as a trusted, reliable resource for your institution. I hope you enjoy this edition of Strategies for Growth and that you find it useful for your  business.

Wes McMullan
President  and Chief Executive Officer, FHLBank Atlanta

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