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Success is Rooted in Relationships
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June 2016 Just a few weeks ago, we hosted our 2016 Annual Member Conference at Amelia Island, Florida, where we explored The Nature of Success. At FHLBank Atlanta, success is rooted in the richness of our shareholder relationships. In fact, these relationships provide the very foundation of who we are as a financial services provider. At events like the Annual Member Conference, the banks, credit unions, savings institutions, insurance companies, and community development financial institutions that make up the owners of the FHLBank Atlanta cooperative come together to network, brainstorm, and share best practices. These events deepen our relationships and our partnerships and foster success for our shareholders.

A focus on shareholder success is what sets FHLBank Atlanta apart from other financial services providers whose primary focus is their own return on assets and return on equity. At FHLBank Atlanta, success is achieved by seeing the overall cooperative thrive and helping shareholders achieve profitable growth. We know that a focus on shareholder success brings success for all.

Shareholders can see our success in the Bank’s dividend, an important source of value. Our dividend is centered on providing a consistent return, versus the maximum payout each quarter. This consistency is critical because it demonstrates the cooperative’s strength and ability to serve shareholders’ needs through all business cycles.

Trust as a Foundation of Success 
Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship, and this holds true for the FHLBank Atlanta cooperative. As a financial services provider, we are not content to serve simply as a funding source that happens to be just a phone call away. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor to each of our shareholders.

We understand that becoming a trusted advisor will require strengthening our relationships, one shareholder at a time. Each team member at the Bank is excited to work with our shareholders’ executive management, ALCO, and board of directors. By fulfilling and furthering strategic plans, we develop relationships that reach broadly to encompass many areas and tunnel deeply to target key issues. As we listen to our shareholders’ top business challenges and objectives, we match the tools we have to offer to help them advance their strategic goals. Discussions with shareholders drive our product development and help shape the policies that affect shareholder borrowing.

Beyond our core products, we offer tools to our shareholders to meet other goals, such as enterprise risk management. FHLBank Atlanta has developed a risk assessment template to enhance risk management efforts and meet the regulatory and compliance requirements that changed after the financial crisis. We have also offered this template to shareholders at no cost, helping them ramp up risk management without hiring costly consultants. Providing useful and necessary tools to shareholders is key to becoming a trusted advisor and furthering the relationships that lead to success.

Trust strengthens our uniquely interconnected business structure where our members are also the cooperative’s owners, and each shareholder benefits from the economic strength and success of other shareholders. To foster these connections, we seek opportunities to bring shareholders together regularly for smaller events such as mortgage roundtables and for large events such as the Annual Member Conference. Attendees at this year’s Annual Member Conference represented 80 percent of the Bank’s advances outstanding and 97 percent of Letters of Credit. These institutions harnessed the power of their relationships with the Bank and each other by maximizing the value of their cooperative.

At FHLBank Atlanta, our goal is to ensure that all shareholders take full advantage of the opportunities afforded them by their ownership in FHLBank Atlanta. Our success as a financial services provider is not simply one end-point destination, but rather many points on a never-ending path. Each point is reached through continuous self-evaluation and improvement. In order to reach each goal, we ask ourselves everyday how we can do a better job and accomplish more than we did the day before. This strategy helps us continue to reach more shareholders and achieve a larger, broader impact. We know that any success is rooted in our relationship with you. Let us show you how deepening your relationship with FHLBank Atlanta can further your own path to success.

Robert Dozier
Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer
FHLBank Atlanta

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