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Working In Concert with Shareholders
Member Communications Archive

robert-headshotJune 2018 - Earlier this month, FHLBank Atlanta hosted 
its 2018 Annual Member Conference. This event is one the most energizing gatherings of our shareholder financial institutions, where we explore ways we can grow our partnerships with them to support their success and strengthen the communities we jointly serve.

The theme of this year’s Annual Member Conference – 
“In Concert” – strongly resonated with me in a number of ways. First, I am an avid music fan and have a deep appreciation for the behind-the-scenes work that goes into building a great band and putting on a memorable performance. More importantly, I believe that “In Concert” is an apt description for the way FHLBank Atlanta and our shareholders partner to meet the credit and housing needs of communities. When we work together in harmony, leveraging our passions, talents, and commitment to continuous growth, we can achieve superior results.

Our shareholders are doing incredible work building thriving communities throughout the Southeast. Their success is fueled by a deep understanding of the financial services needs of their customers and a strong desire to influence the direction of their communities. They are delivering mortgages, small business loans, wealth management advice, and other vital services to help their local markets grow and prosper. As their partners and trusted advisors, we are excited to be a part of their ensemble, providing advances, letters of credit, and affordable housing products that help them expand their product offerings in new and creative ways.

More than products and services, we believe that working in concert with shareholders is about people combining talents and striving towards common goals. This focus on common goals and mutual success is a cornerstone of our cooperative business model and housing finance mission. When we work together, we can make lasting positive impacts in our communities.

Evolving in a Dynamic Industry

As we continue to grow our partnerships with shareholders, we are focused on evolving with them in a dynamic industry landscape and helping each shareholder leverage the success of others to strengthen the cooperative. These are two areas that we explored in depth at this year’s Annual Member Conference.

For example, we examined the impact of technology on financial services, the ways technology is driving consumer behavior, and how institutions can balance high tech with high touch. We want to help shareholders understand strategically the best ways to achieve this balance, with the recognition that it’s not just about bringing in the latest innovations; it’s about using existing technologies more efficiently to enhance customer relationships. This is an important issue for all shareholders, whether they are a $100 million community bank or a $100 billion regional institution. Our goal is to partner with shareholders to develop solutions to challenges like this, combining their expertise, with ours, and outside industry experts.

We also recognize the power of the multiplier effect in leveraging one shareholder’s success across the entire cooperative. There are many examples of shareholders that are achieving lending growth, managing balance sheet risk, and winning new business through use of our advances, affordable housing products, and letters of credit. Our role is to facilitate the sharing of successful strategies and help each institution adapt these strategies to their unique markets and business models. This is another important facet of working in concert, where the cooperative becomes stronger through the success of all shareholders.

Great musicians have passion and skill, but they only achieve greatness through hard work, dedicated practice, and a desire to get better each day. At FHLBank Atlanta, we have this same steadfast commitment to continuous improvement. Each day, our focus is on finding better, more effective ways to serve the business needs of our shareholders.

As shareholders, your participation in the cooperative is critical to its success and continuous improvement. If your institution works with us on a day-to-day basis, we ask that you let us know how we can continue to serve your needs better. If your institution does not currently work with us on a regular basis, we ask you to give us an opportunity to demonstrate our value and help you leverage the success of other shareholders for your business. When we work together in concert, we can achieve a great performance for your customers and your communities.

Robert Dozier
Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer
FHLBank Atlanta


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