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The U.S. Navy's Embark Program Highlights the Global Mission of our Armed Forces

January 2014 - The United States Navy has more than 400,000 active-duty and  reserve Sailors and 285 battle force ships deployed in every region of the  world. Its operations support a variety of critical missions, ranging from  working with partners to deter aggressors to providing humanitarian assistance.   

As part of its efforts to educate the public on the Navy’s  global missions, the Commander, Naval Air Forces’ Distinguished Visitor Embark  Program places leaders from all sectors of society, including corporate, civic,  government, and education, aboard a deployed aircraft carrier. While onboard,  the embarkees learn how the Navy is contributing to the security of the United  States and the world.

At the invitation of shareholder Navy Federal Credit Union,  FHLBank Atlanta’s chief business officer Robert Dozier attended an Embark  program in September 2013. Dozier flew 120 miles out to sea on a C-2 Greyhound  Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft, landing on the USS Carl Vinson, a  102,900-ton aircraft carrier and the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 1 based  in San Diego. During the 24-hour embarkation, Dozier and the other attendees  met with the ship’s leaders, interacted with the Sailors and Marines on board,  toured the ship, and observed a full spectrum of operations.

The average age of a U.S. Navy Sailor is 20 years old. Under  the leadership of the Navy, these young men and women from diverse backgrounds  come together to create an effective, cohesive team. Together, they are  responsible for launching and recovering multi-million dollar aircraft, maintaining  engines that propel 100,000-ton warships, and operating complex combat systems.  This team is working around the world to support the interests of the United  States.

“The men and women aboard the USS Carl Vinson are highly  dedicated and mission focused,” said Dozier. “This is a clear example of the  whole being greater than the sum of the parts, and with this kind of dedication  protecting our nation, we can be thankful and confident that we’re in good  hands.”

Supporting Military  Servicemen and Women and their Families 

Recognizing the  importance of the work of servicemen and women from all branches of the U.S. military,   FHLBank Atlanta has dedicated resources from its Affordable Housing Program to  support low- to moderate-income military families.

In 2012, FHLBank Atlanta launched the Veterans Products  Suite, which provides up to $15,000 in funding to help cover down payments or  closing costs on a home purchase, or to pay for energy-efficient or  accessibility improvements to an existing home. These products are available  nationwide, through FHLBank Atlanta shareholders, to qualifying veterans and  active-duty members of any branch of the U.S. military, or their surviving  spouses.  

FHLBank Atlanta’s district has a large footprint of military  households. In addition to protecting the country overseas, veterans and military  families are vital members of our communities here at home. Offering the  Veterans Products is an excellent way shareholder financial institutions can  support military families in their communities while, at the same time, growing  their customer base and lending business. 

Veterans Products are offered as part of FHLBank Atlanta’s  Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Set-aside Products. Funding for AHP Set-aside  in 2014 will begin on January 13. For more information on how your institution  can serve military households, call FHLBank Atlanta’s Community Investment  Services department at 1.800.536.9650, option 3, option 1, option 3.

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