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Pricing Benefits and Liquidity Stress Testing
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. at Webinar

Join us to learn how you can take advantage of reduced advance pricing to secure your liquidity position and funding costs through 2019 and beyond. You’ll also gain valuable insights into liquidity stress testing from industry-leader Empyrean Advisory Solutions.

What we’ll cover:

Pricing Special
Enjoy limited-time savings of five basis points on Fixed Rate Credit and Adjustable Rate Credit advances with maturities of 18 months to five years.

Liquidity Stress Testing
Special guest presenter Empyrean Advisory Solutions will discuss the importance of a dynamic liquidity stress testing process in the current environment of rising rates and increasing cost of funds. Empyrean will also highlight the benefits of a proactive approach to liquidity planning, efficient liquidity utilization, diverse funding sources, and collateral maximization.

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