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  • Access to Low-Cost Funding

    Access to Low-Cost Funding

    We provide a source of secure, low-cost, readily available funds that are often less expensive than growing deposits. 

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  • Mitigate Interest-Rate Risk

    Mitigate Interest-Rate Risk

    Our customizable advance products help our member financial institutions effectively plan for and mitigate interest-rate risk.

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  • Stable & Reliable Source of Funds

    Stable & Reliable Source of Funds

    We were originally chartered by the U.S. government to act as a reliable funding source in even the worst of economic times. 

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  • Meet Business Development & Lending Goals

    Meet Business Development & Lending Goals

    Our products – such as the First-time Homebuyer Product – can help members attract new customers, lower borrowing costs, and achieve growth targets.

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  • Securities Safekeeping

    Securities Safekeeping

    With our securities safekeeping, members can consolidate securities portfolios, simplify cash management, and immediately pledge eligible securities for advances, saving time and money. 

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  • Exclusive Educational Resources & One-on-One Relationships

    Exclusive Educational Resources & One-on-One Relationships

    We offer educational seminars, workshops, and conferences that provide expert insight about the housing market, mortgage industry, and financial strategy. 

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  • Flexible Borrowing Terms

    Flexible Borrowing Terms

    Whether you are looking for a specific loan structure, amount, or term, we offer a number of customizable products to help member financial institutions meet their unique business needs. 

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Freedom First Credit Union

Freedom First Credit Union has a mission that is simple, yet powerful: helping people prosper. The credit union is focused on creating asset-building opportunities for its members and supporting community development in the Roanoke and New River Valleys in Virginia. This footprint enables Freedom First to serve a broad range of members, including urban professionals, college students, and rural households.

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