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Achieving the Extraordinary Together
Member Communications Archive

Headshot Robert DozierJune 2019 - Each year in June, we gather with our shareholder financial institutions at our Annual Member Conference to celebrate their successes and explore how we can continue to enhance our partnerships with them. The theme for the 2019 conference, “It’s Magical: Inspiring Excellence Together,” reflected the extraordinary ways shareholders are building their communities and how FHLBank Atlanta is striving to deliver an unparalleled experience to the owners of our cooperative.

To us, “magical” has nothing to do with tricks or sleight of hand. It’s about hard work, creative problem-solving, and collaborating with our shareholders everyday to serve their communities. FHLBank Atlanta is home to 320 employees who are solely focused on addressing our shareholders’ business needs and helping to further their success. When our shareholders leverage their FHLBank Atlanta cooperative to help families purchase homes or help small businesses grow, the results are truly magical.

We talk frequently about the strength of FHLBank Atlanta’s financial capital, but the Bank also has an enormous amount of intellectual capital that shareholders can rely on to help them address many of their top challenges. The Annual Member Conference is just one opportunity for the Bank’s employees to share this intellectual capital on a collective basis.

For example, this year a panel of experts from the Bank discussed the implications of the upcoming phase out of the London Interbank Offered Rate as a benchmark interest rate. Panelists provided a snapshot of this critical industry transition, discussed how FHLBank Atlanta is preparing, and offered insights into how shareholders may be affected and what they should be doing today to manage this change. Additionally, members of the Bank’s Sales team offered the audience their expertise on trends and challenges shareholders are facing throughout the district. The ability of our shareholders to access this collective knowledge is one of the most powerful aspects of our cooperative. A strategy one shareholder deploys with success in Alabama may work equally well for a shareholder in Virginia, and it is our role to facilitate this knowledge sharing and help replicate success across the cooperative.

Finally, as a cooperative, we recognize that the work we do is not about our own advancement but about our shareholders’ success. The Bank’s strategic plan is built around the goal of serving as our shareholders’ trusted advisors and putting their needs first. Our employees live this mission everyday, and when we get to see our shareholders’ success in their communities, it’s truly inspiring.

As trusted advisors, we have the extraordinary opportunity to work with the strategic plans of each of our shareholders, nearly 850 in all. The shareholders attending the Annual Member Conference in 2019 represented 80 percent of our advances business and 87 percent of our letters of credit business. These institutions have exceptional relationships with us and are leveraging everything the cooperative can offer them to further their success and help their communities thrive.

We want to build this same type of relationship with all of our shareholders. For any shareholder that is not taking full advantage of their FHLBank Atlanta cooperative, we simply ask to let us have a seat at your table so we can learn how to partner with you strategically to further your success. Because, together, we can accomplish the extraordinary.

Robert Dozier
Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer

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