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Beyond the Desk: The FHLBank Atlanta Summer Internship Program
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Each year, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta (FHLBank Atlanta) invites its summer interns to participate in an organized volunteer project to involve the students with the values and culture of the company.

“I believe the energy we put out into the world is the energy we get back,” said business continuity manager Cortez Jenkins. Through his eight years with the Bank’s Community Involvement Program, Jenkins summarized the benefits of volunteering as both psychological and social.

“Giving back takes away who you are as a title, and strips it down to who you are as a human being,” reflected Jenkins.

The Bank makes an active commitment to service, which is upheld in the 24 hours of paid time off each year that every employee is given to participate in community service. Through the last four years, Bank employees have collectively averaged roughly 1,900 volunteer hours annually.

This year’s intern service project was with Junior Achievement of Georgia at its Discovery Center in Atlanta. The interns volunteered in JA Finance Park and assisted high school students in a real-life financial planning simulation. The high school students were given jobs and families, and then had to budget and make purchasing decisions on auto loans, groceries and even date nights. The Bank’s interns used their own personal experience and knowledge to assist the students through the fundamentals of personal finance.

“Life is hard, and being prepared and knowing the basics is so important. Knowing your limitations early is going to set you up for life,” stated Johnita Daniel, a Master in the Study of Law and a Master of Environmental Planning and Design student at the University of Georgia. Daniel is an intern with Community Investment Services.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to share our perspective with the following generation.”

To hear more about FHLBank Atlanta’s Community Involvement Program, click here to watch a short video.

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