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CIP and EDP Advances

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Community Investment Program and Economic Development Program 

FHLBank Atlanta offers Community Investment Program (CIP) and Economic Development Program (EDP) advances to help financial institutions meet the housing and economic development needs of low- to moderate-income communities.

CIP and EDP advances are available in a variety of structures and maturities at interest rates generally less than standard advance rates.


  • Attract and retain lending business
  • Achieve affordable lending goals, including potential Community Reinvestment Act credit
  • Reduce funding costs
  • Build your institution’s profile and reputation in your local markets
  • Access funding year-round – applications can be submitted at any time 

Learn how shareholders are using CIP and EDP advances and the Bank’s other affordable housing products.

Eligible Uses

CIP Advances
CIP advances can be used to fund loans for the purchase, construction, and rehabilitation or refinancing of housing-related projects or activities that benefit families with incomes at or below 115 percent of the area median income (AMI).

Some of the most common uses include:

  • Single-family, owner-occupied home loans
  • Multiple-unit, ownership loans (at least 51 percent of the units are income-targeted)
  • Rental housing loans (at least 51 percent of the units are income-targeted)
  • Manufactured housing park loans (at least 51 percent of the units are income-targeted)

EDP Advances
EDP advances can be used to finance activities such as business start-ups, projects that create or maintain jobs, redevelopment of federal disaster areas, infrastructure improvements, and other economic development activities. Projects must benefit low- to moderate-income communities with a median income at or below 100 percent of AMI for urban areas or 115 percent of AMI for rural areas.

Common uses include:

  • Small business loans
  • Loans that support services or infrastructure improvements, such as roads, utilities, or sewers
  • Loans for projects in federal disaster areas, Enterprise Communities, Champion Communities, Empowerment Zones, Native American Indian areas, NAFTA-impacted communities, Brownfield Tax Credit areas, or areas affected by a military base closing

Advance Types Available

CIP and EDP advances can be structured as Fixed Rate Credit or Principal Reducing Credit advances and are generally available for maturities of 12 months to 20 years.


CIP and EDP advance rates are based on the Bank’s cost of funds plus an administrative fee.

How to Apply

Use the Bank’s credit product application and the CIP or EDP authorization application to request a CIP or EDP advance. The Bank will request additional documentation to confirm CIP/EDP eligibility after the advance is funded.

Credit Product Application
CIP Authorization Application
EDP Authorization Application
CIP Single-family Homeownership Loans - Schedule 1(SF) 
CIP Rental Housing Loans - Schedule 1(R)
EDP Loans - Schedule 1(EDP)