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Letters of Credit

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Types of Letters of Credit We Offer

Letters of Credit from FHLBank Atlanta help our members secure improved credit terms for community projects, provide collateral for Public Unit Deposits, and meet a variety of other financing needs. We have Letters of Credit for a variety of transactions, and we'll work with you to find the best fit for your institution's funding needs.

  • Standby

    A Standby Letter of Credit functions as an independent guaranty of a member’s obligation, which can help increase borrowing capabilities.

  • Confirming

    A Confirming Letter of Credit – sometimes called a "wrap" – can help secure improved credit terms for community-focused bonds, enhancing the bond’s credit rating, reducing borrowing costs, and improving marketability.

  • Public Unit Deposits (PUD)

    Members can use a Standby Letter of Credit to collateralize Public Unit Deposits (PUDs) that exceed the level covered by FDIC. It's a great alternative to pledging securities.