Committed to Affordable Housing

We’re excited to announce that $7.2 million in additional funding is now available for our AHP Homeownership Set-aside Program!

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Strength and Stability

Learn more about how we supported our communities last year with the 2022 Affordable Housing Advisory Council Annual Report.

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Opening Doors, Changing Lives.

As a system, our mission is to open doors. Through our DEI efforts, we are opening doors for a stronger, more diverse FHLBank System.

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A Trusted Advisor

Learn more about how we’ve served as a trusted advisor to our members in our 2022 Annual Report.

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Achieve Sustainable Growth

Drive stable growth for your institution now and in the years to come with a Letter of Credit.

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FHLBank Atlanta Highlights

On March 17, 2023, FHLBank Atlanta conducted the annual recalculation of the Minimum Stock Requirement that is also used to determine an institution's voting shares in the 2023 Director Election.

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